William Land Elementary

2017 Winner: Small Schools 301 to 600 Students | Four winners, $10,000 each
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City: Sacramento

School Type: Elementary

Principal: Ellen Carlson

How They'll Use the Award

William Land Elementary is a public K-6 school located in the heart of Sacramento with a diverse population and a range of socioeconomic levels, ethnicities, and home languages spoken. The school offers both a traditional GATE cluster program and a Mandarin immersion program.

Currently, all our students have access to three teaching artists with a different arts focus for each trimester: poetry, visual arts, and music. Each six week arts unit is a collaboration between the classroom teacher and the teaching artist. These units bring art into other content areas such as social science, English language arts, science or math.

In addition, each grade level engages in an outdoor science unit with a culminating field trip and all classes visit the school science lab throughout the school year.

Through these experiences, students gain hands-on instruction to explore critical thinking by way of inquiry, constructing arguments and explanations, planning and carrying out investigations, and developing and using models.

Funding for these programs is made possible through grants and funds raised through our dedicated parents and staff. If granted the $10,000 award, we will have the capability to expand and sustain our arts integration and science programs and plan for a multi-year implementation.