Shannon Ranch Elementary

2017 Winner: Medium Schools 601 to 1,000 Students | Four winners, $15,000 each
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City: Visalia

School Type: Elementary

Principal: Tara Sharp

About the School

Shannon Ranch Elementary School is committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for K-6students. The School’s motto, “S.P.U.R.S.,” encourages students to have Self Control, Put First Things First, Use Time Wisely, Respect Self and Others, and Synergize. Shannon Ranch offers students an array of learning, including technology and innovation programs, leadership development, and the arts.

How They're Using the Award

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Shannon Ranch Elementary School used its $15,000 Scholar Dollars grant to construct a new running path to enhance students’ physical education.

The path, which opened January 31, 2018, is utilized for sports and events such as the school’s annual jog-a-thon. In addition to use during school hours, the path is also open to the community to enjoy on weekends.