Sequoia Elementary

2017 Winner: Small Schools 301 to 600 Students | Four winners, $10,000 each
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City: Westminster

School Type: Elementary

Principal: Michelle Watkins

How They'll Use the Award

Students will have an opportunity to engage in STEAM activities with hands-on projects in a manner that fosters creativity, engineering, and collaboration. Students will code robots to follow a sequence of commands. Students will apply the knowledge and skills learned to our AVID program and tie this information to college and career connections. In addition to STEAM, we have incorporated a green screen in our new innovation lab. Students collaborate, film, edit, and revise their scripts. Our newly created innovation lab has flexible seating and technology that allows students and teachers to be successful.

The grant money will allow us to expand on our innovation lab with items that will truly allow us to have an effective STEAM and Videography program. The grant would provide us with STEAM kits, Dash n Dot Robots, 3-D printers, IPADS, and 2 MacBook pros that students can utilize for video editing and coding.