Russell Ranch Elementary

2018 Winner: Category D 651 to 900 Students | Four winners, $20,000 each
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City: Folsom

Principal: Joanie Cunningham

How They'll Use the Award

Russell Ranch is creating a STEM Lab (Innovation Station) for students’ use and creativity; ultimately intended to increase the skill and ability of Science/Math education for students to create and teach Science lab lessons/Math manipulative lessons and to increase the knowledge and skill of Science/Math education in the area of lesson assessment, awareness and hands-on learning. Our STEM Lab (Innovation Station) will strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills while allowing students to work collaboratively in small groups and teams. Students will be more engaged in learning and become active participants, which lends to increased success in the classroom setting and life skills. The lab will encourage and support student engagement, intrinsic motivation, critical thinking and curiosity. Monies from the grant would allow the purchase of a variety of materials, including consumable items and kits to support NGSS, STEM learning and our core curriculum. We’re optimistic that this grant will help up acquire materials to address robotics, electronics/circuitry, engineering/design, 3-D printing/prototyping, and coding opportunities, in addition to continuous updates for building and creating. Storage, furniture, room arrangement/aesthetics and technology upgrades will also be incorporated into the grant funding. (Specific item names, numbers and prices can be provided as needed.)