Monte Vista Middle

2017 Winner: Medium Schools 601 to 1,000 Students | Four winners, $15,000 each
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City: Camarillo

School Type: Middle

Principal: Joseph Herzog

How They'll Use the Award

Monte Vista Middle School is a comprehensive school serving grades 6-8. We proudly celebrate our diversity and positive school climate. We continue to strive for excellence in providing opportunities for students to develop academically, socially, and athletically. We currently provide a host of elective opportunities, extra-curricular activities, and athletic teams. However, to continue to grow these popular and positive programs, we must find funding. The funds provided to our school each year are not enough to maintain and grow our outstanding programs. Monte Vista Middle School will first and foremost ask for the input of students, parents, and staff as to how to use the $15,000 grant from MySchoolDollars. Below are some great examples of areas of need:

1. Add additional sports teams and clubs
2. Paint the exterior of the school
3. Purchase and install new lockers
4. Purchase a new sound system
5. Devote money to continue to enhance our elective courses, including building a large school farm for Agriculture, purchasing state of the art recording and editing equipment for Broadcast Journalism, and identifying other areas of need within elective programs.

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