Merced Elementary

2018 Winner: Category C 501 to 650 Students | Four winners, $15,000 each
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City: West Covina

Principal: Damian Kessler

How They'll Use the Award

The funds will be used to continue funding Merced’s music program through the iMusic United Foundation an organization founded with the mission of providing music education to enrich individual expression and community connection. Approximately 1.3 million elementary school students in the United States do not receive music instruction, according to the White House’s Turnaround Arts program. iMusic United supplements the needs of music programs at schools to enhance students’ learning experiences. Practicing musical instruments enable students to build discipline and learn tools of team building. It takes patience to accomplish to play an instrument and learn to collaborate with others and achieve a better learning curve for communication skills. Through exposure to music education, students not only enhance their individual emotional awareness, but also build stronger healthier bonds within their schools and community.
Merced students will learn how to play a musical instrument (recorders in Kindergarten thorough 2nd grade and ukuleles in 3rd through 5th grade). Lessons will take place during regular school hours and will include: warming up, dynamics, attack, posture, pluck strings, strum it, tuning, taking care of the instrument, music theory, etc. Students will be allowed to take their instruments home for daily practice. The goal of this program is for students to work together, to create a unique sound and gain a solid foundation on their instruments. Music repertoire will be determined by the interests of the students, the instructor, as well as musical ability.