La Paz Intermediate

2018 Winner: Category E 901 to 1500 Students | Three winners, $25,000 each
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City: Mission Viejo

Principal: Jean Walker

How They'll Use the Award

La Paz has an outstanding music program that includes Jazz Band, Intermediate Jazz Band, Advanced Band, Intermediate Band, and Orchestra. With the support of our parents, our 194 music students and their music director, Mr. Robbins, have built an exceptional program. Our Jazz Band has been selected eight times over the last ten years to participate in the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival, and both our bands and orchestra have all received excellent and superior ratings in various regional competitions. La Paz music students are also a service to the Mission Viejo community hosting a Jazz Dance Evening at the Murray Center, and playing at other local venues. Such a stellar program requires a multitude of instruments, and many of our instruments are over 40 years old. With this grant, La Paz would like to make needed repairs and purchase new instruments. Doing so will provide all music students to play instruments of their choosing and ensure the continuation of our music programs for generations to come.