Judith F. Baca Arts Academy

2017 Winner: Medium Schools 601 to 1,000 Students | Four winners, $15,000 each
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City: Los Angeles

School Type: Elementary

Principal: Tracye McWhorter

How They'll Use the Award

In order to decrease the achievement gap and to ensure all students are college and career ready, we would like to use this grant money to expand technology school wide by purchasing another Chromebook Cart with 35 Chromebooks (estimated cost $11,485). Students will need Chromebooks to become technology literate to learn how to build presentation, writing, and coding skills to advance in this global society. With the remaining amount of money (estimated $13,500) we would like to invest in making sure that all of our students are reading and comprehending at their grade level or beyond. Due to the socioeconomic location of the school, our students have not been given the same equal opportunity as other students located in a different city; whether it is due to the location, family income, family status etc. As a school, we want to guarantee the same educational access for all of our Hispanic and African-American students so they know that they can succeed given the opportunity. Specifically, $8,000 will go into training 5 teachers for after school intervention to be able to work with our intensive to strategic group of students who are in need of learning the foundational skills, trying to build strong phonemic awareness skills by using materials from 95percent group. The rest of the $5,500 will go into purchasing more Guided Reading materials (books, lessons, training) so that students will be able to work in a small group setting, differentiated teaching that supports students in developing reading proficiency needs, accelerating their progress to read increasingly complex text.