Golden Oak Montessori of Hayward

2017 Winner: Extra Small Schools 300 Students or less | Four winners, $5,000 each
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City: Castro Valley

School Type: Elementary and Middle

Principal: Gena Engelfried

How They'll Use the Award

Golden Oak Montessori is a public charter school in the Hayward Unified School District. The school has a very diverse population of 239 students. Our curriculum specifically addresses objectives in the California State Standards and students use a variety of materials to guide skill development in relation to the Common Core Standards. Aspects unique to our Montessori classrooms include individualized learning plans focused on the child’s interests; hands-on materials in a classroom designed to stimulate academic exploration; multi-age classrooms where collaboration and leadership skills are practiced; and culturally sensitive materials and a globally and community oriented curriculum.

Golden Oak Montessori’s children, like many in the Hayward Unified School District, need improvement in the area of mathematics. In addition to regular math instruction, we have a small amount of funds for a part-time Math Specialist to do “pull outs” during the school day to help struggling students. We also recently started a FREE before school math program with 20 students participating in 5-week sessions; however, we only have the funds to offer 2 sessions moving just 40 students through the program this year.

We would benefit TREMENDOUSLY from a grant of $5,000 in the 2017-18 academic year. It would enable us to teach TEN 5-week sessions of Before School Math. Each session will have 20 students participating supervised by a Math Specialist and two Assistant Teachers. With this number of sessions there is the potential for 200 individual students to move through the program or for students to have the opportunity to be a regular participant of Before School Math (doing multiple sessions) as they work on mastery of math concepts.

Thank you for considering our request!

Golden Oak Montessori