Frank Vessels Elementary

2018 Winner: Category D 651 to 900 Students | Four winners, $20,000 each
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City: Cypress

Principal: Helen Lu

How They'll Use the Award

Vessel Elementary is a Kindergarten through Sixth Grade school located in Cypress School District. We are a large-sized school with 700 students currently enrolled. We have a limited budget and are in need of replacing and updating our technology equipment. If granted the funds, we would purchase technology items such as new computers, laptops, ipads, SmartBoards, and printers. The funds would help cover costs for school-wide computer programs, STEM technology and materials, staff development, and replacement lights and parts. In a world where technology is involved is most everything we do, it is our goal to put technology in the hands of every student in every classroom everyday. A Scholar Dollars grant would help to enrich and prepare our students to be college and career ready.