Francophone Charter School of Oakland

2017 Winner: Extra Small Schools 300 Students or less | Four winners, $5,000 each
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City: Oakland

School Type: Elementary

Principal: Lori MacDonald

How They'll Use the Award

The Francophone Charter School of Oakland (FCSO) seeks additional funding for its Director of Curriculum (DCI). This role is responsible for the development and support of the school’s educational programs (Kindergarten through 4th grade) and the supervision and coaching of teachers.

At our French immersion school in its second year of operation, the DCI is a crucial component to the mission of the school of developing bilingual and bi-literate global citizens who are open-minded and value intellectual curiosity, personal integrity and creativity. The DCI’s contract is currently written as a 60% position. However, the specific needs related to French immersion education at a start-up school like ours really require the DCI to be produce more work than 60% allows.

The school’s current DCI is a bilingual educator well versed in cutting edge instructional methods for French immersion education. Her expertise and regular involvement ensures cohesion of knowledge and tools across all grade levels, and between French-speaking and English-speaking teachers, in line with the mission of the school. Differentiated learning strategies such as the workshop model, balanced literacy, or the readers’ and writers’ workshop, foster intellectual curiosity and creativity in our young learners who each grow and learn at their own pace.

As a public school, the FCSO is committed to following the Common Core standards while providing an education in French with a global focus on Francophone cultures. This requires our DCI to create original curriculum content for the classroom across all subjects and grades, from social studies to science, or reading and writing. t is through this exposure to global themes and critical thinking that our students will become open-minded global citizens who value personal integrity.
The Director of Curriculum and Instruction plays an integral role in the flourishing of our young school. Additional funds allowing her to be more present are highly desirable.