Ethel Dwyer Middle

2019 Winner: Category E 901 to 1500 Students | Three winners, $25,000 each
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City: Huntington Beach

Principal: Christa Glembocki

How They'll Use the Award

Dwyer Middle School students follow our school motto that we “Live and Learn with GRIT.” Day in and day out we teach students to have Gratitude, Responsibility, Integrity, and Tenacity (GRIT) in all they accomplish. A generous grant such as this would give our students more opportunities to practice these core values and demonstrate tenacity through enrichment. Middle school is the time to discover what your interests are and how to develop lifelong skills for success.

Dwyer is undergoing a ton of positive change. We are excitedly awaiting the completion of a new STEM facility and a gymnasium/event center, which is due to open in the Fall of 2019. With these new facilities will come a lot of new opportunities for our students. We plan to offer hands-on STEM learning throughout the school day and after school. We also need to equip our gym with sports and conditioning gear for all students. This grant would mean that we could purchase STEM tools and curriculum, equipment for physical education, support after school clubs and sports, and engage learners with opportunities that are not currently available.