Casillas (Joseph) Elementary

2019 Winner: Category B 351 to 500 Students | Four winners, $10,000 each
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City: Chula Vista

Principal: Chris Vickers

How They'll Use the Award

Casillas Elementary School celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2018. Casillas school believes that student-based decision-making process encourages collaboration and meaningful involvement among all stakeholders (parents, staff, students, and community partners). Goodwill and pride in the Casillas school community are rooted in each child’s academic, social, and emotional development. Casillas Elementary School’s mission is to prepare all students to be literate, responsible citizens with an enthusiasm for life-long learning.
In order to help achieve Casillas’ mission, we are seeking funding to support collection enhancement for the school library in both print and electronic formats. Funding will allow the school to upgrade and increase book collections, e-books, books on CD, and special collections in support of community needs. This funding will enable our library to share the diversity and breadth of literature with our school community and will encourage students to develop a love of reading and learning. Additionally, as funding permits, we look forward to purchasing “big ticket items” that focuses on technology that will help put more hardware and software into the library to increase access, equity, and engagement. The next 20 years will continue on as a fast-changing, global society and we would love to provide the technology resources our students need to function in a digital age.