Santiago Elementary

2017 Winner: Large Schools 1001 to 1500 Students | Four winners, $20,000 each
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City: Santa Ana

School Type: Elementary

Principal: Norris Perez


How They'll Use the Grant:

Santiago TK-8 School is “Where Arts & Science Come Alive!” We nurture student learning by providing unique learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Our goal is for students to discover what they are passionate about and give them opportunities to explore and develop these avenues for their future. Unique learning experiences require unique learning spaces equipped with the materials and equipment where student can apply their creativity and ability to make their ideas come alive.

We have started two learning spaces to facilitate STEAM projects at Santiago: a Maker Space Classroom and Teaching Garden. In our Maker Space classroom, we will provide materials and equipment for students to explore, create, and communicate their learning. Examples of learning experiences offered in Maker Space are set design, broadcasting, painting, 3D printing, programming, and STEM challenges. Materials desired for the Maker Space is updated furniture, storage units, materials & supplies for STEM challenges and activities, laptops, iPads, art materials and supplies, materials for a green screen, tripod, microphones and props for broadcasting purposes.

In our Teaching Garden, we will create a structured outdoor classroom. We will install a pergola that would give shade where teachers can do science experiments, hold lessons and work in the garden. We will expand our “worm farm” vermicomposting. We will buy outdoor furniture such as tables and benches, a small green house for seedlings and gardening equipment, gardening tools and storage, pots, soil, fertilizer, planters, and a pergola that would support our outdoor classroom.

Scholar Dollars will make our vision of creating inspiring STEAM learning spaces that motivate students to explore their passions and the academic skills they will need in high school, college and in their careers beyond. Help our students start their futures right now at Santiago TK-8 School!