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Why Scholar Dollars?

ScholarShare 529, California’s official 529 college savings plan, recognizes the crucial role schools play in preparing students for college success. To help ensure that our state’s students are part of programs that enrich their lives both in and out of the classroom, we’re offering 20 Scholar Dollars grants that can be used to fund new science lab equipment, band uniforms, library resources, computers, tutoring and more.

A Plan for College Savings

We want all California students to be prepared for college success. The Scholar Dollars Grant Program helps winning schools fund programs that can help build that experience. But enrichment for students doesn’t stop there. That’s where our ScholarShare 529 College Savings Plan accounts come in.

ScholarShare 529 has been working since 1999 to help California families save for college. There’s no big upfront investment, and getting started takes about as long as grabbing a cup of coffee. Learn more about the plan, its benefits and how 100% tax-free growth can make a significant difference in your college savings by clicking the link below.

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Featured 2017 Winners

Take a look at how some of last year’s winners have used their grant money. We’ll soon be checking in with our 2018 winners to see what improvements they’re making with their Scholar Dollars, too!

Sutter Middle

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Santiago Elementary

Santa Ana, CA View Profile View All Winners

Alfred B. Nobel Charter Middle

Northridge, CA View Profile View All Winners


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